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When Will I Get Pregnant According To My Birth Date

Couples who are seeking children should contact Vedic astrologers to understand the pregnancy astrology transits predictions and possibilities of childbirth and can plan accordingly. An honest consultation may be proper thanks to have a nourishing family and a healthy baby within the home.

If you are planning to conceive immediately after your marriage, or find the answer for when will I get pregnant predictions, here are a few things astrology can do to help you out.

proper time to conceive a baby

Time of attempting conception

child’s future beforehand

Predict the health of the mother and baby.


Astrology And Pregnancy Prediction Report

Our Astrologers will analyze your birth chart and the birth chart of your partner along with the question chart through a horary process to give you specific answers and suggest appropriate remedial solutions to the problem-related birth of the child. Even after so many medications & consultations, nothing proves fruitful. Get a child Birth problem solution. Don’t feel depressed, there is still a ray of hope in Astrology.

Conceiving Problem

Having trouble in conceiving a child? Can it be easy to conceive a child or pregnancy? Astrology for convincing baby can suggest remedies for a secure conception.

Miscarriage Problem

Are you suffering from miscarriage/abortion problems? Don’t be panic, it can be solved by astrological remedies for childbirth problems for a stable pregnancy.

Infertility Problem

Can Infertility be cured? Whether it is related to men or women, Pregnancy/infertility problem solution helps you to overcome it with 100% assurance for both.

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Based on the strict principle of Vedic Astrology & study of Planetary Dasha, our expert astrologers will suggest an apt remedial solution to your specific childbirth-related problems. You can get astrology help for Miscarriage and childbirth. Get answers to all your concerns like when will I have a child? When is a good time to conceive and what will be the gender? When to plan for your next child?

Brief description of your and your partner's Natal Chart

Answer to your 3 specific ChildBirth related Questions, one by one.

Analysis of natal chart of you and your partner as per Vedic Astrology principles.

Analysis of your question chart on the basis of horary principle.

Astrological Remedy Recommendation for your problem

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Frequently Ask Any Question Here

  • When will I conceive a baby?

    This answer is known by the position of the fifth house of one's chart which signifies children. If the 5th house and its lord are placed well in the horoscope, and the house has auspicious planets in it, there are no obstacles at all in having children. As a rule, always, both the individual horoscopes of the couple need to be checked for making decisions about having a child.

  • What is the best time for me to conceive the baby?

    Jupiter is the karak for children. When this auspicious planet transits from 1st, 9th or 11th house, then the 5th house comes into a favourable position due to its dristi or gaze. This timing of Jupiter's movement is auspicious for planning a child, and the timeline can be told by the astrologer.

  • What are the guidelines for healthy and safe pregnancy?

    Vedic astrology recommends all the ancient practices of garbh sanskar to be followed, for a health Mother to deliver a healthy child. The mother should take sattwic food, perform meditation and simple asanas, and be mentally cheerful. She should do namajapa and read stories from epics and puranas to pass on the pure vibrations to the child in the womb. Planets also if placed in good degree and in auspicious nakshatras like Rohini, Swati and Dhanishta, give a smooth experience in pregnancy

  • Suggest some remedies to conceive child, as i am taking doctors help also?

    Along with modern medication, and following doctor's orders, one should also resort to becoming calm and spiritual. This will calm the mind and body. An agitated and anxious person finds it difficult to get pregnant. Wearing gemstones as per the recommendations of astrologers, performing daan, vrat and mantra therapy are also advisable.

  • I have already a baby, is there any obstacle to conceive 2nd?

    The rashis in the 5th house and their lord help the astrologers to determine this answer. For this, one has to take a look at the fifth house of one's chart. If the fifth house has rashis such as sinha ( Leo) and the lord of these rashis falls in any house other than 5th house, one can have the 2nd child without any issue.

  • I had a miscarriage, kindly suggest remedies to conceive safely?

    Miscarriage can happen if the 5th house is afflicted. If planets like rahu and ketu , which are malefics along with saturn, mars aspect the 5th house, then miscarriage is possible. Astrologers can suggest specific remedies for a safe conception - using gemstones, mantras, simple and practical spiritual guidance as per vedic scriptures to increase the mental and physical vitality for childbirth.

  • How many children I have in my horoscope?

    Rashis and the lords of rashis in 5th house have to be analyzed to give this answer. Some of the combinations in predicting children using vedic astrology are as follows: In case of Cancer - scorpio - in 5th house - one will have 2 children or more than 4 also, Leo - indicates one or two children, Mesh, scorpio - can have problem in conceiving, Gemini - virgo - can give possibility of twins as they are a dual sign, Makar - kumbh - gives less possibility of having children.

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