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when will i get Married?

Can Astrology

Help Me In Getting Married?

Marriage Prediction is the process of predicting your marriage
life using your birth chart and suitable age and time for marriage.

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Predict Marriage Prediction

By Date Of Birth

Marriage prediction by date of birth is one of the most important steps in an individual’s life and finding a suitable life partner that matches your compatibility, interests, and behavior. Marriage astrology by date of birth is the simplest analytical where, not only the timing of marriage is decided, but also the future outcomes after marriage are predicted by analyzing your zodiac and date of birth. So that a careful study can reveal marriage horoscope prediction by date of birth.

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Marriage Horoscope Report Contains

Why is there delay in your marriage?

Manglik Dosh analysis For Girl & Boy?

Will you enjoy a happy married life or not?

When will you get married?

Is there any chances of divorce?

How compatible you are with your partner?




You'll get an analysed narrative summoning the possibility of marriage by a certain time with your spouse.


Analysis of 7th Bhava:

The 7th Bhava holds the key to you getting married. To bring out the best in this Bhava, it needs to have a favourable planet ruling it and a good relationship with its lord. This is divinity’s way of saying get married now.


Kuja/Manglik Dosha and other Doshas:

Mars is critical in marriage. Any Mars Dosha or Kuja/Manglik Dosha can cause life-long effects on married life. Jupiter is another important planet, especially for women.


Favourable periods for marriage:

While the 7th Bhava gets activated, you also need to be under the influence of a favourable planet or be influenced favourably by a planet. This means a favourable dasha-apahara period.


Remedies for doshas:

For every Dosha, there is a remedy. The same is the case with doshas related to marriage. Sometimes the remedy may be doing penance; sometimes, it may find a partner with an ideal chart.


House & Planet Position:

Planets and houses play a crucial role in marriage prediction. A detailed marriage prediction can tell you at which time you will be get married? Along with love and arrange marriage prediction by name and date of birth.


Marriage Prediction

In 3 Ways

We provide immigration service in all over country. A good astrologer can tell when a person will get married from birth details for sure in 3 ways:-

By Name

Enter your name and the name of your love to know how perfect is your match.

By Moon Sign

Moon sign is considered an important factor in deciding the compatibility amongst a couple. Know it for you and your special one by entering both of your Moon signs.

By Date of Birth

Enter the date of births of you and your partner and get the love % between you two.


Planet Responsible For Love / Arranged Marriage

Planets and houses play a crucial role in marriage. A detailed marriage prediction can tell you at which time you will get married? along with love/arrange marriage prediction by name.

Want to know what’s in store for you? One can opt for Love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online to find solutions to some basic Love marriage-related questions that pique their interest when they reach marriageable age. When will I get married and to whom? Don’t Worry get a Full marriage prediction report.


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Frequently Ask Any Question Here

  • Can Astrology predict “when will I get married”?

    Every person is curious about “when will they get married?”. Horoscopes capture ‘the unique planetary positions in the 360-degree zodiac’ relative to your birth timings and the place of your birth. By studying your horoscope, it gets easier for an astrologer to make various predictions about your marriage and define a certain period in which you likely will get married.

  • How does horoscope tell about my marriage?

    Horoscopes are the astrology-based data of your life. By thoroughly analyzing the Rasi of the house, planetary positions, and the 7th house/bhava of your horoscope, a free astrology prediction for your marriage can be made. Our report also helps you identify if you will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage, and what other factors are influencing your marriage altogether.

  • Can I marry the person I love?

    If you already have someone in your life, we at tabij can generate your accurate marriage prediction for free based on the birth details you provide. By analyzing your 7th house and doshas (if any), we can give you insights on “How your marriage life will be”, and “Who will likely be your ideal life partner”. Share our detailed astrology report with any marriage astrologer and gain insights on whether you will marry your special someone or not.

  • Is horoscope matching necessary for marriage?

    As per Hindu mythology, matching horoscopes form the base of every new relationship. You may be curious to know about your life partner, and thus, having the understanding and knowledge of each others’ horoscopes is important.

  • What is Kuja /Mangal dosha?

    The position of planet Mars/Kuja in your horoscope is very important. Sometimes, its positioning can cast negative influences on your married life which is referred to as Kuja Dosha. In general, Kuja placed in the 7th or 8th house supported by some other factors causes Kuja Dosha.

  • How can I get a free marriage horoscope report?

    You can get your free marriage horoscope report by typing in your birth details on the link provided. The report is accurate and comprehensive. With it, you will realise how important astrology is for you to get the best in life. The report will tabulate the best time to get married, doshas and remedies. The marriage horoscope report will assess your unique characters and predict your ideal partner.

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