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Each planet has its unique corresponding astrological love solution which radiates the same cosmic color energies as the planet itself. the gemstone work by reflecting positive rays and adsorbing negative rays.. Couples have to face challenges in their love marriage, but never worry and using some easy remedies surely helps to get a suitable solution to easily get married to loved one.


How Does Horoscope helps in Love Marriage?

Actually It starts helping from when you fall in Love, when you marry, and how to have a successful love marriage. horoscope helps in

Are you likely to fall in love?

A careful study of your Lagna, Lagnesh, their relationship with 5th & 7th house and Venus, the planet for love and romance indicates how strongly your horoscope supports for love marriage and the possibilities.

Love relationship compatibility:

our horoscope helps in love marriage by letting you know your relationship compatibility with your loved one.

Problems in Love marriage:

Horoscope helps in love marriage by letting you know if there could be situations or persons to create problems in love marriage. This includes factors like inter-caste marriage, social and family restrictions and aliens land etc.


How love marriage problem Consultation Specialist molvi ji Can Help You?


Love Issues

Thinking your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you? Avoid heartbreak by being aware of the situation beforehand. Get your Problem solution with this report:


Break Ups

Are you feeling hopeless & frustrated after break up? Want to fix your broken relationship? Reach us to get the best breakup problem solution.


Ex- Love issues

Want to get your ex-love back whom you loved so much but somehow you lost him/her without any reason? Restart your love story again:


One-sided Love Issues

One-sided lover? Confused about whether to let it go or to try a little harder? convert Your one-sided Love to a mutual one with our Love solution specialists


Inter-Caste Love marriage

Do you Love someone from another caste? Are your parents not accepting your choice of partner? Consult a Love marriage Specialist for Your Inter- cast love problem


After Marriage Love Problem

Love marriage is often a roller-coaster ride where one may face various complexities. Solve your love marriage problem before it’s too late.


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Calculate Love or Arrange Marriage

Love Marriage Prediction from date of birth

A Love marriage specialist can find out if you will have Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage and this is called love marriage prediction by date of birth.

The Lagna and lagnesh reflect nature and character. Ascendant or Lagnesh's relation with the fifth and seventh house shows the possibility of love marriage yoga in kundli.

The fifth house is virtue - shows the complete virtues of a person who has to marry along with his/her imaginations. It further indicates thoughts, feelings, friendship, love relations, and the progeny.

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Timing Of Love Marriage In Astrology

The Marriage Calculator analyzes different aspects of your birth chart, studying the influences of different planetary positions that dictate the possibility of marriage, the timing of your marriage and the nature of marriage and married life.

Dasha and Timing play a very important role in our life. Even if you have the Yoga for Love Marriage but if you do not have a Positive Helpful Dasha for Love and Relationship, so Yoga will not going to Activate. The Love Marriage Yoga Activates only when Proper Dasha and yoga Love marriage happens in the period of planets Signifying 5th, 8th, and 11th Houses. These 3 houses play a significant role in falling in love or having a romantic relationship.there is a very High possibility of love marriage to happen. These are the general combinations for the love marriage. For getting sure and holistic answers, Consult our astrologer


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Your birth chart holds significant importance for love, romance & relationship related issues. Find out how the planetary movements could influence your love life. Our expert Astrologers will decode your compatibility and help you work towards a fruitful relationship.

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Will you get success in love?

Are you facing compatibility issues?

Will family accept your intercaste relationship?

Will you get married to the person you love?

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