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Astrology is the mysterious concept which branches out into Vedic Astrology that is based on the age-old wisdom of the Vedas. Free vedic astrology prediction life which undergoes natal birth-date chart, Janam Kundali are consider as the vital part of our life. Most accurate life prediction by date of birth which will tell you all your basic aspects of your entire life from birth to death such as health, future, marriage, career and education etc.

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How Life Prediction work

According to Janam Kundli

Your Detailed life prediction basically focuses on the position of the planet and stars during your birth time. This prediction report is also known as Janam Kundli prediction. Full life prediction report as per your Janam kundali signifies your birth chart which tells the characteristics, personality, temperament, strengths, and weaknesses of the person based on the position of the planets, stars, and zodiac signs according to the birth details.
Life predictions by date of birth and free Vedic astrology predictions of life help us to choose the best and perfect way while we choose an appropriate field in education, the right career path, compatible life partner, or investing in property.

What we provide

in Life Prediction Report

Accurate life predictions by date of birth free Report is a customized reading with a detailed analysis of the impacts of different planets on your life through Your Kundali & Horoscope and suggests you remedies that will help you achieve peace, prosperity and Success. Using detailed life predictions free report you will get-.

Love Life Prediction

Marriage Prediction

Education, Child, Family & Health Prediction

Business, Finance & Money Prediction

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How life prediction Report

will Help you

The future life Prediction Report provides an in-depth and detailed analysis of the whole life on different aspects of life.It will cover your health,business,family life, marriage and a lot more as a full life horoscope. Our expert astrologer will analyze your life prediction by date of birth and time with place in order to predict occurrences and happenings in your life.

Able to spend your life peacefully.

Get success/promotion in your career.

Able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Take precaution for your upcoming future problems.

Your personal and professional life will never be affected by any reasons.

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Rs. 499/-
  • 10+ page Report
  • 1 Time Consultation
  • Multiple Languages
  • No Support
  • Less Features
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Rs. 999/-
  • 30+ Pages Premium Reports
  • Reviewed & Written By 3 Specialist Astrologers
  • Free 30 days Support
  • More no of Accurate Remedies
  • Multiple Languages
  • Any Time Free service
  • Accurate Forcast
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Rs. 1499/-
  • 40+ Pages Premium Reports
  • Reviewed By group of Specialist Astrologers
  • Personality Assesment
  • Complete Life time support
  • Multiple Languages
  • Personalised Recomendation
  • Remedies to various dosha

Frequently Ask Any

Question Here

How to know full life events predictions?

To know full life events predictions you need an accomplished Vedic astrologer who knows how to read astrology charts from Lagna chart up to D-300 Chart. Also better interact personally with the astrologer for getting full life events predictions.

How can I cast my Vedic Kundli without birth time?

If you don’t know the exact time of birth, then an expert astrologer can still cast your horoscope based on past events of your life and advance birth time rectification techniques.

Can Your birthday predict your future ?

The combination of day of birth, time of birth, place of birth and can accurately predict your future. In this universe, every Event or object gets unique by 2 parameters ie 3 dimensions (lxbxh) and time. Astrology knows that at the birth of every person, the placement in space (location) and time is unique to that person. And that placement in that space-time continuum contains all the information about the trajectory the person's life will take. So in astrology using your place of birth we find out the exact latitude and longitude a person was born at, and time is derived from the exact time of birth.

Why you are not providing sample report?

At oooom.in every user will get customized reports. Means, you will get what you want. Because everybody have different kind questions and needs so I provide reports based on their requirement. Because of that it is not possible to provide sample reports..

How to get detailed life predictions analysis?

To get detailed life predictions analysis, connect with an accomplished Vedic astrologer who knows how to verify your accurate birth time, knows how to correlate your birth chart with your previous births. Further that astrologer should know how to read your conscious, super -conscious and supra-conscious apart from the relevant divisional charts before giving any detailed life predictions analysis

Can Astrology predict my marriage?

Astrology prediction for marriage can also tell when you are most likely to get married. Jupiter stays in a given zodiac sign for 13 months and then moves the next one. Depending on the position of Jupiter in your horoscope, your marriage year can be predicted

How can I get my detailed life predictions for free?

Your life and destiny get defined based on the position of celestial bodies at the time of your birth. To get your detailed life horoscope, you need to capture the accurate position of these planets and stars. Since these positions and your subsequent horoscope is unique for you, you can simply analyze these designs and planetary positions to obtain information regarding your life and character. You can use our free astrology software to generate accurate astrology predictions for free.

How to order services?

You can use our Astro Services section or Astro Reports section or Planetary remedies or Puja-Yagya sections to order the desired service. If you want to order a report use our Services. If you are still in confusion send me a mail at hello@oooom.in