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Astrology is a system of interpreting heavenly bodies with the specific intention of benefiting the individual. The system of astrology is based on the intricate interpretation of the positioning of the stars and planetary bodies. Many people fail to see the subtle mechanisms used to reach the inferences and this incomprehension leads them to label astrology as some superstition.

Life predictions and Vedic astrology predictions of life help us to choose the best and perfect way while we choose an appropriate field in education, the right career path, compatible life partner, or investing in property. The future life Prediction Report provides an in-depth and detailed analysis of the whole life on different aspects of life.

Janma lagna kundali helps you to look inside yourself and to make yourself a better person. It develops much needed understanding about your own inner and hidden aspects. If you need to know about Marriage Yoga, Government Job Yoga or Dhan Yoga in your kundali, our astrologers will guide you with best solution and remedies.

An expert astrologer has the ability to provide solutions to various problems by drawing in the knowledge from various sub-branches of astrology, such as palmistry, numerology, gemology, and Vastu Shastra.


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Dr. Bhanumati

12yrs Exp. | English, Hindi
Vedic, Prashana

Acharya Vinaya

18 yrs. Exp | English, Hindi, Telugu
Love & Marriage

Shree Lalita

10 yrs. Exp. | English, Tamil
Tarot, Numerology

Acharya Harish

18 yrs. Exp. | Hindi, Punjabi
Vastu, Life issues

Alka Sen

8yrs Exp. | English, Hindi
Love, Relation

Pandit Bhairav

17 yrs. Exp | English, Hindi
Finance, career

Jayanti Devi

13 yrs. Exp. | English, Gujurati
Nadi, Numerology

Bishnu Sastri

12 yrs. Exp. | Hindi, Bengali
Vedic Astrology, Palm
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Vaastu Shastra Services

Vaastu Consultation by Tabij offers you a thoroughconsultation where you can send your reports.

Online Remedial Puja

Online Puja Services for you & your family on Auspicious occasions & remedial puja in the inner sanctum of the temple.

Astrological Reports

Life is the biggest gift of God to mankind. For many, it is pleasantexperience, while an unsolvable puzzle forsome.

Love/Marriage Astrology

We at Oooom.in promise you to make your love life and marriage life heavenly bond that is supposed to be.


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Whether you are worried about your career or facing financial difficulties. Consult best astrology in hyderabad by initiating a chat with them anytime. which connect you with over 500 astrologers online, can be your one-stop destination to find answers to all such queries.Astrologers in hyderabad helps you to make an informed decision about how to take things forward. In addition to that it may tell you what is likely to happen.

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Business & Career astrology services in hyderabad

Should I go for business or a job? Will I get a government job? If you are looking for someone who can help to solve Career problems, contact with us. Our best astrology services in hyderabad and specializes to solve all problems that you are facing related to your Career life.


Family & Marriage Solution Astrologer In hyderabad

Marriage not working? When will you get married? you are facing in your love life or any other relationship. Get more insights into the services used by the famous astrologer in hyderabad to mend the lives of the broken people. He gives his expert advices and powerful remedies.


Finance And Investments Astrologer in hyderabad

Are You Experiencing Difficulties in Your Life? We Will Provide the Top Astrology Service. Know when you will be financially stable and what all you need to do to get financial security in life by talking to our genuine Astrologer in hyderabad online.


Get Rid of Health Issues - Best Astrologer in hyderabad

Do you know, your horoscope gives suggestions on your health and your health status and future? Hence, it’s very important to examine your health horoscope. But, it’s practically not possible for a person to stay away from all the diseases. But with the health astrology consultation given by our Best Astrologer in hyderabad who can always look for reliable and effective astrology answers.


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How to find the best astrologer in Hyderabad?

Every one of the notable astrologers in Hyderabad has a bunch of abilities and information to confer that will help you especially in that field. So you can go through the names of the famous astrologers in Hyderabad ready for us to observe the ones whose Services are fitting and according to your prerequisites.

Do astrologers give marriage Astrology Services?

Indeed, they break down the natal graphs of the couple to actually take a look at their similarity according to their planetary positions and birth time.

What are the Services presented by astrologers in Hyderabad?

Getting ready birth outlines, horoscopes, expectations with respect to vocation and life, reiki recuperating treatment are a portion of the Services that astrologers offer.

Will astrologer in Hyderabad anticipate what’s to come?

Astrologers investigate your natal graph and educate you really regarding the event of occasions.